Books, Blogs and Beyond…..

We believe that we are being given a clean slate to write on, with the birth of our son and this is a huge responsibility. To figure out, what is the best way to write and also the best thing to write is a puzzle whose pieces seem to be still open after so many years of human existence.

How do we do our best in preventing developmental issues with regards to parenting? The answer to this question got us on a search for books that might give us a pointer. Our own lives have been relatively problem free but is it optimal?

This quest has led us to the following list of books that we are currently reading through:

1. The aware baby                                                                            Aletha Solter

2. What Babies Say Before They Can Talk                                   Paul Holinger, Kalia Doner

3. Connection Parenting                                                                  Pam Leo

4. Playful Parenting                                                                         Lawrence J Cohen

5. The Attachment Parenting  Book                                             William and Martha Sears

6. Attachment Parenting                                                                 Katie Allison Granju

7. Unconditional Parenting                                                             Alfie Kohn

8. Bright from the Start                                                                   Jill Stamm

9. Everyday Blessings                                                                     Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

10.Tears and Tantrums                                                                   Aletha Solter

11. Positive Discipline : The First Three Years                            Jane Nelsen et. all


If you have more suggestions, please let us know. We shall review these books and chronicle how we are putting what we have learnt into practice in the coming days.



About parentingexperiences

We plan to list out our experiences growing up(?) together with our little one on this webpage. This is our tribute to the hundreds of people who have put up all of their knowledge and wisdom online for free, from which we have benefited tremendously. Hopefully, someone would benefit from our experiences.....
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