Drama continues….

If Day 1 was eventful, Day 2 was no less colorful. The nurse on duty had stopped by at around 8p on Day 1 to help you nurse. Having read a lot about not forcing anything on you, I told the nurse not to force you to feed. She said that it is required that you be fed every 2 hours and I told her that we plan on feeding you only on demand. She leaves our room saying that she respected our preference to feed only on demand. And, so, on Day 1 you fed about 6 times overall with the first feed at 11:45a, about 5 1/2 hours after you were born. The nurse at the recovery room had tried to latch you on to your mom at about 9a but you would not latch on.

By mid morning on Day 2, you were latching on and having a good feed. So, we all felt finally you were getting the required nutrition. And, if thing went fine, right after the night’s sleep, we could be discharged.

The leading Pediatrician of the hospital came on his morning rounds to say hello to us. He must have repented asking us if we had any concerns. I was boiling at this point about the X rays they took yesterday and I made it clear to him that I was appalled at the casualness with which such harmful radiation exposure was carried out. He had nothing to say while the resident who ordered it told me that they had saved you from a potentially life threatening situation in case it had been positive!!! That was the best they could offer!

Rest of the day went by uneventfully. You were nursing fine and had fed about 8 times today and were latching fine. The night nurse came in and weighed you around midnight and you weighed 6 lbs. 14 oz!!That was more than the acceptable 10% weight loss in 48 hours, setting you on a worrisome trajectory!

We began feeding you more that night hoping you would gain some more weight by morning, when it would be truly 48 hours. You had two wet diapers by day 2, which was good. Also, there was one dirty diaper with meconium, which was fine too. So, you kidneys and digestive system were beginning to kick into the right gear.

So, we eagerly awaited the morning nurse to come in and weigh you and to our dismay, you had lost another 0.2 ounces ……… now we did not know what was going to happen. The resident peed came on her regular rounds and told us that we are ready to be discharged, which took me by surprise completely. I asked her how could this be given your weight loss – she had glanced over your numbers and failed to notice the more than 10% weight loss!!

She immediately said that she needed to consult with the attending and so, we waited in eager anticipation. The news comes that your weight needs to be monitored andwe get news that the lactation consultant who was working with your mom, telling her everything was fine had ordered supplements. She had casually mentioned about fenugreek to increase milk production and we said that we knew about that.  We did not know that she had your mother’s milk production in mind, when she was talking all that. Again, we refused to feed you supplements. We wanted the lactation consultant to talk to us face to face and tell us why. We must have come across as one stubborn set of parents!!

So, given our staunch refusal to feed supplements to you, the peed agrees with our plan for increasing the frequency of nursing and wants to supplement you with your mom’s milk taken out by a breast pump.

We began a marathon feeding session, force feeding you every 2 hours all through the night, while we were moved out of the comfortable room out to a nesting room, which was the smallest room we would ever lived out of – a 10×10 room with a sofa bed and a TV and an attached bathroom!!

Nurse, nurse, nurse …………. all evening and all night.  The next morning we keep our fingers crossed as the nurse weighs you again – and ………….. you have lost another 2 oz!!! Also, you had no dirty diapers all day and night!! The peed was now really agitated and told us that things could get really messy with you if we did not feed you with formula. And he really wanted to see you start gaining weight, for him to discharge us….

So, we go again …………….. feed, feed, feed —- Breast Milk for 15 min, Formula through Supplementary Nursing System(SNS) for 15 min. and your mom would pump for 15 min. after you are done. But you began to refuse nursing from her and were fussy about feeding off the SNS….. The lactation consultant assigned to us, introduced you to the BOTTLE!!, again despite our protests. She wanted the job to done and it did not matter to her that you were feeding from a bottle which could lead to nipple confusion for you when you breastfeed, thereby completely killing your breastfeeding habit.

But it was more important that you gain weight – so we cave in. And …… by the morning you gain 3 oz!! The peed now agreed to release from the hospital care and on the fourth day after your birth, we were finally home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



About parentingexperiences

We plan to list out our experiences growing up(?) together with our little one on this webpage. This is our tribute to the hundreds of people who have put up all of their knowledge and wisdom online for free, from which we have benefited tremendously. Hopefully, someone would benefit from our experiences.....
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