Tao of Fatherhood

Found this wonderful blog: http://taooffatherhood.com/, where the author claims:

In my twenty years of fatherhood, I’ve made plenty of mistakes, and I’ve tried to learn from them. This site is my attempt to share some of what I’ve learned with other fathers. It isn’t meant to preach, but rather to inspire and provoke us all to think and grow as fathers.

It is nice to find a kindred soul somewhere on this blogosphere!!

These words simply resonate a lot with own philosophy of fathering (all of them culled from the above blog):

There is no one best way of fathering, even among all the many clichés and sacred cows we find in parenting guidebooks. The sooner we can give up our learned agenda for our children, the quicker we can get to a deeper reverence for the simple, spontaneous, and intuitive nature of fatherhood.

The journey of fatherhood is full of expectations: how our children should act, how our spouse should act, how we ought to act as fathers. Freeing ourselves from these expectations opens our soul to a more fulfilling life, while dwelling on them leads to disappointment. Remember that we aren’t in charge of the universe, and that while we can’t control everything, we can control what we believe should happen.


About parentingexperiences

We plan to list out our experiences growing up(?) together with our little one on this webpage. This is our tribute to the hundreds of people who have put up all of their knowledge and wisdom online for free, from which we have benefited tremendously. Hopefully, someone would benefit from our experiences.....
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