Having avoided the HepB vaccine on day 1 and the DTaP vaccination at the 2 month wellness check, we are now confronted with the issue of starting vaccianations. Already, at the 2 months wellness check, we had to go through a very lengthy debate with our peed to let her know, we are certainly not going to take all the 49 recommended shots for our DS.

When we made our appointment with his new peed, we checked to see if they would support an alternative vaccination schedule and the person who took the call said that they would. However, the peed turned out to be pro- CDC vaccination schedule, in fact, someone who educates the community on its benefits. So, after the last visit it became clear to us that we needed to change our peed.

After much searching, we found one who would be willing to work with us on a schedule tailored to our area. She is about an hour away from our place. Hopefully, we will come up with a reasonable schedule!


About parentingexperiences

We plan to list out our experiences growing up(?) together with our little one on this webpage. This is our tribute to the hundreds of people who have put up all of their knowledge and wisdom online for free, from which we have benefited tremendously. Hopefully, someone would benefit from our experiences.....
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