The Aware Baby experiment : two year update

We continue to practice the aware baby parenting model. Our son, continues to express his emotions with no inhibitions, under our nurturing care. What is remarkable is that these days, he is able to identify his source of distress and verbalize it. 

For instance, sounds that are naturally present all around us, some of which we would never have guessed would be bothering him, he would say causes his stress. We do active listening on this thoughts about the situation, and give him the space to express freely.

He continues to release any pent up emotions before he sleeps. Though, hard and long cries are very infrequent, short and intense cries are quite regular. Also, it is evident that he is learning to regulate his emotions on his own, slowly, without any external pressure to do so. 

All in all, this method of parenting has yielded amazing results. Our son has a very healthy disposition inside and out. He is, in general, a very happy child and we hope he will continue this way into his adulthood.


About parentingexperiences

We plan to list out our experiences growing up(?) together with our little one on this webpage. This is our tribute to the hundreds of people who have put up all of their knowledge and wisdom online for free, from which we have benefited tremendously. Hopefully, someone would benefit from our experiences.....
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